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Oculus VR - 24 Hour Take Home Kits


1 Headset - $99

2 Headsets - $179

3 Headsets - $239

Prices are applicable for Private events at home.  For corporate event pricing please email us for a quote -->

Playstation VR Take Home Kits


24 Hours - $149

72 Hours - $299

It includes an entire System. Playstation VR headset, Move controllers and game controller. Sensor Camera and all connections.  A mobile Game case complete with a video screen and speakers.

AND a Game System preloaded with loads of games such as….

ace combat

Ace Combat 7

Fly state of the art fighter jets in real combat.  You're Seated in the cockpit with a 360 degree view of the action.

Take off from an aircraft carrier and….“ HOLD ON TO YOUR LUNCH “


Beat Sabre

Complete with the Imagine Dragons Music Pack.  Play along to all to he Imagine Dragons Hits.

minecraft vr

Minecraft VR

Your kids will love this.   Immersed completely in the Minecraft like universe.

driveclub vr

Drive Club VR

Hit the street and get behind the wheel of your favorite car.  Feel the speed.

shark attack vr

Shark Attack

Head underwater diving in a cage and come face to face with the oceans fiercest shark.  THE GREAT WHITE

shoot range vr

Shoot Range

Take aim and show off your skills on the range.  Pistols and sub-machine guns are the taste of this range.

And So Much More to Offer….




Employee procedure:

Employees will have masks provided to them and screening questions will be asked before reporting for duty.
  – Do you have a fever
  – Do you have a cough, has it worsened
  – Shortness of breath
  – Chills
  – Muscle aches
  – Sore throat
Sanitization of equipment will be done prior to any event and during event

What can the customer expect ?

Guest list will be maximized at 10 players per event.  Game Truck or Laser Tag
If sick will not be allowed inside the game truck or to participate in laser tag
We may ask screening questions before entering game truck or laser tag field
Must use hand sanitizer when entering the Game truck and before using laser tag equipment
We recomend that you wear masks, but they are not mandatory
We do have some cool 1-UP GAMING Neck Gaiters that are available for purchase if you wish ( $5 )
If play area is left, you must sanitize your hands.

Guests who ignore the rules will be asked to leave immediately.

Game Truck

10 Players Max Occupancy per event ( Until Further Notice ) 
1 Supervising adult will be allowed inside ( optional ) 
No players under the age of 6 
Virtual Reality has been removed ( until further notice )
2 Players Maximum per TV
When a player wishes to switch the game we will sanitize a new controller for them.

Laser Tag

10 Players Max per event ( Until Further Notice ) 
All Laser Tag Equipment is sanitized before and during the event
Each Player will be assigned a Tagger for the entire event.  
No swapping Taggers
No players under the age of 6 

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